Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nordstrom's Oversteps Bounds on Use of E receipt Information

Last night I finally went out to do some Christmas Shopping.  I ended up at Nordrom's.  I was so pleasantly surprised with the wonderful sales clerk that assisted me in the purchase of eveningwear for my wife. I was also very pleased with the fact that the alterations, if necessary, would be performed by them at no additional charge.

I was even more surprised and pleased with the opportunity I was offered to get an E receipt instead of a paper receipt.  This was just like at the Apple Store. Wouldn't it be wonderful, I thought, if all retailers offered this option and we eliminated all those small pieces of paper that are always getting lost.

Wouldn't you know, when I got home last night I found the E receipt from Nordstrom's right there in my in-box.  How nice they are.

Well, so much for the nice part.  Today, less than 24 hours after my purchase, I have now received another email from Nordstrom's offering special promotions.  This is not what I need in my in-box.
I promptly looked for a way to opt out of their promotional emails.

They want to know why I am opting out. Here is what I responded:

I purchased an item yesterday for the first time at Nordstrom.  I was so pleased that I was oferred the option of getting an email receipt instead of a paper receipt and I gladly gave them by email address. Had I known that you would have used that email address for this purpose I would have not given you my email address.  Where is full disclosure? How about allowing me to opt-in instead. I do not think I will be going back again. You almost had me as a loyal customer. Think about people's feelings before you join the herd of marketing ignoramuses.

I wonder if this will actually cause them to opt me out of their promotions.

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