Monday, December 3, 2012

Walmart on-line vs. in-store. What Chutzpah !

I have tried to limit my comments in this blog to issues that involve me.  With this post I am departing from that tradition.

I happened upon a new site for me -- The Consumerist. Apparently it is an appendage to Consumer Reports.

Here is the link to the original article.

Summary, a fellow searches on-line for a router. Finds that the lowest price he can get is on-line at Walmart with deliver in-store.  He has other items he wants to buy, so he swings by the local store and notes that the item is more expensive in the store. He goes to checkout and tells the clerk that he wants them to match a lower price.  He shows them the price on the mobile device at  They will not honor their own website price, only competitors.  OKAY, he can work with that. Whips out his mobile device and orders it on-line for delivery to the store. He gets confirmation that the order was placed, but that the delivery to the store will not be until the following week.  He cancels the order on-line, goes to the cashier with the in-store item and departs.  He receives a notice that his order has arrived at the store and he goes to the store. He goes to the store, buys the new item at the cheaper price and then immediately returns it on the sales slip that he had from the one he purchased last week at the higher price.

Walmart wins the Audacious award of the week!

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