Friday, December 28, 2012

DirecTV's Penchant for Spurious Telephone Calls

I am receiving telephone calls from DirecTV on a weekly basis for a few months now.  They usually call on Friday afternoon and let it ring only three times.  Just about enough time for me to get over to the phone, but not enough time to catch it before they hang up.  I discovered that it was them by returning the call, or looking it up on-line by Googling the number.
This week I actually got the call before they hang up. Well, sort of.  A woman identified herself and the fact that she works for DirecTV, and then she hung up.
I can't figure this one out.  They do not leave any messages either.
Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

I filed a request with DirecTV to have me removed from their call list.

Friday afternoon call from DirecTV as usual even though I requested to be removed from the list.
This time I caught the call in time.  They are marketing an upgrade in service.  I told her to remove me from the calling list.

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