Thursday, February 7, 2013

Companies with Brick & Mortar and Internet Presence

When the internet was young and some brick and mortar companies set up internet divisions, they created real mosters.  The policies and inconsistencies created by many companies created a real headache for them in terms of the public's perception of them.  Thankfully, many of these companies have now worked out all the kinks with this duality and have actually benefited from the dual presence.
Many companies will now allow you to order on line and return at the store, or order on line and pick up at the store.

If you have some interesting variations or stories to tell about this phenomenon, I'd like to hear about them.

Please put your comment below so all can enjoy.

New Policy Changes at JPMorgan Chase

I have today received a Monthly Statement from Chase.  This is the second announcement of Policy changes within the month.  For the other one please see my other Chase post.
In this one they announce:

We will be making the following changes to the Deposit Account Agreement for Chase checking and savings accounts, effective March 24, 2013.
We have:

  • Added the following language to the Important Definitions section: Debit card transaction: Includes any purchase from a merchant using your ATM card or debit card.
  • Modified the agreement to clarify that we will only send one copy of any notice relating to your account, even if the account has more than one owner.
  • Revised our Funds Availability Policy.  Under Longer Delays May Apply, we describe circumstances where funds may not be available until the seventh business day after the day of deposit.  We are deleting the sentence saying that the first $200 from your deposit will be available on the next business day, so if we delay availability in those cases the delay may apply to the full amount of the deposit.

All other terms of your account agreement remain the same.  If you have questions about the changes, please call us at the number on the statement or visit your nearest branch.


What I find so interesting is that this very month I made a deposit and they tried to tell me the funds would not be available to me for seven business days. I brought in a Cashiers check from the bank across the street. What are they trying to accomplish here.

I am going to attempt to get a copy of the current deposit account agreement. I wonder if they are going to use the same technique as they tried last month, saying that the new agreement will not be available until March 24, 2013

As a result of the recent odd behavior at JP Morgan Chase I have closed the majority of my accounts, and moved all significant deposits to other banks.

Thanks Jamie for the forced change of banks. I will be moving the others shortly.