Monday, July 8, 2013

Lowe's Home Improvement Needs Some Improvements

I don't mean to be hard to deal with, but I think that Lowe's needs to learn a lesson in customer service.
I have been trying to reach the Doors & Windows department at the local Lowe's Store for a few weeks now.  I have called the local store and been guided through the automated system, but there is no listing for Doors & Windows. I have spoken to the operator and I have been transferred to that department's phone extension only to be on hold with that wonderful elevator music. I have waited over a half an hour for someone to answer while I put my phone on speakerphone and go about what I am doing (and, of course, I have the elevator music blaring as the background noise).  I have done this too many times now (8 to be exact).  I have asked the operator to deliver a message, all to no avail.  I have called the manager, and gotten into the same loop, again to no avail.
I have also called the corporate customer care number and explained the situation.  I am on hold right now for them.  I have been on hold for 34 minutes and I have now been connected to the customer care representative for the store.
I have explained the situation. They are incredulous as to my difficulties, yet they cannot locate my quote in their system and they have now put me on hold again.

Exactly how much time Lowe's expects me to waste waiting for a meaningful interaction with them seems to be infinite. Shawn has finally gotten back to me and cannot find my quote.  We started over again and he cannot find a manufacturer that makes the window I want.
Ok, after about 20 minutes of poking around He finally found a company that makes what I want.


It really gets me that these companies can say that they want to be the store that they want me to shop at, but I somehow don't think that this is really true.  They need to get their act together.

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