Thursday, February 9, 2012

US Postal Service

Complaint registered on-line to the USPS:

I went to the postal substation in zip code xxxxx today. I had a large envelope filled with 8 1/2 x 11 inch papers. I had it addressed and ready to mail. I went up to the postal clerk and asked,

"What are my options on mailing this?"

She said "Express mail at $18.30"

I had expected more, but unfortunately it stopped with that.

I said, 'Isn't there Priority Mall also?"

She said "Yes, $7.95". and again stopped with that.

I said, "How much is First Class?"

She said, "It is over 13 ounces, so it can't go First Class".

"OKAY",I said. "Isn't there Flat Rate Priority Mail?"

She said "Yes"

"Well, how much is that?"


"Where are the flat rate envelopes?", I asked.

She pointed and I went to get one.

This is ridiculous.

I expect that a postal clerk would know the options and give them to me instead of me having to drag options out of them one at a time from the most expensive on down. This is not good customer service.

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