Thursday, June 11, 2015

After Court Battle Equifax Admits that God Exists

As reported in the Canadian Globe and Mail and the New York Daily News, Equifax consents to the existence of God.

"Without a decent credit rating, it’s tough to borrow for large purchases, as a Russian-American discovered.  The New Yorker, owner of a business called Gold Hard Cash, was refused a car loan because rating agency Equifax would not provide financial details on the man.
The problem? God Gazarov was told by Equifax that it “could not process his name as God.”   The suit alleged that an Equifax official told Gazarov it could not provide him or a lender with his credit file "because it could not process his name as 'God' and suggested that he should consider changing it."
After appearing before Brooklyn Federal Magistrate Judge Ramon Reyes, the two parties to the suit struck an agreement, and Equifax will now acknowledge God’s name. He will also receive an undisclosed monetary settlement from the company...
Mr. Gazarov claims his name is not uncommon in Russia, and that he was named after his grandfather. Still, he’s used to the jokes. “My principal in junior high school would walk by me in the cafeteria and say, ‘Oh my God, there he is.’” "
Not to unlike the battle I faced with Equifax over the existence of my address,  but I'll be the first to admit that this was much better than my reported problem.

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