Friday, January 24, 2014

The Air Train At Kennedy Airport in NYC gets a black raspberry

Yesterday I was returning from a trip to NYC. I drove my rental car to Kennedy Airport and dropped off the car. I then proceeded to the Air Train shuttle to go to my terminal to catch my plane.
I waited at the platform and got on the train.  I happened to notice that it was going in the wrong direction. It went to Jamaica Station instead of the airport terminals. Okay, I had plenty of time and waited for the train to get to the station, stayed on board and the same shuttle train took me back to the Federal Circle station where the car rental returns are located.  It turns out that the Air Train was not operating between the Federal Circle Station and the rest of the airport.  They had shuttle buses to get people between the various locations.  I left the station and went down to the shuttle bus.  This is all without any signs or notification to passengers whatsoever.  I got on the bus that was going to terminal #8.  There was one bus that was going to #s 5,7&8 and another to #s 1,2,3,&4. I don't even know if there is a terminal #6. It was impossible to see out the windows of the bus due to the slush on the road that had splashed up on the windows.  The bus driver was non english speaking, and, while I do speak Spanish, I could not understand a word he said about which stop we had arrived at.  I got out of the bus to find out we were at #4.  We next stopped at #5, then #7, and finally #8 where I got off. It was a horrible experience.  The bus was clearly overloaded with passengers and baggage.  The fellow next to me was going to terminal #3 and had clearly gotten on the wrong bus.  He asked me if there was some way to get from #5 to #3. I told him that normally the Air Train was the shuttle between terminals and that I had no idea if they were running bus shuttles.

The operators of the Air Train at Kennedy Airport get the black raspberry award for their handling of the situation.

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